Who is eligible for the conference?
Professors, Directors, Academicians, Researchers, Students, Business Delegates, Industry Experts, Scientists and Doctors.

 How can I submit my abstract?
Abstracts can be submitted directly through online or you can send through email as an attached template format.

Can two speakers give a presentation on the single abstract?
No, Multiple talks are not allowed in the same abstract.

Do I need to submit an abstract for a poster presentation?
Yes, it is mandatory to submit the abstract for any kind of presentations.

Where do you publish my abstract?
Abstracts get published in the particular journals of Jacobs Publishers.

Are there limits on how many sessions I can participate in?
You may present not more than two papers at the conference. Each conference attendee may have no more than three roles at the sessions.

What length should my abstract be?
The abstract should not exceed more than the 350-word limit.

When will I know my paper has been accepted?
Once abstract has been reviewed and approved by our organizing committee, we will mail the status.

What is the dress code?
The dress code at our conferences is business/casual. Speakers often choose smart business attire and we leave to the individual.

How do I register a group?
To take advantage of our group discount of 10-15%, your group should consist of 3 or more attendees from the same company and they must be registered at the same time. Please contact for more details.

How can I pay my registration fee?
Payment can be done through PayPal account/credit card/Bank transfer

What if I want to cancel?
If you would like to cancel your commitment to speak at our event, we kindly request you to provide a replacement speaker who can speak on the same/relevant topic with prior intimation.

How is the program organized?
Our program is organized to encourage the interaction between speakers and the audience. If you are presenting a single Track, we request you to keep your slides short, colourful and informative. Allow enough time for questions at the end of your presentation and try to keep it interesting and interactive.